The SATA to IDE adaptor I used, but it can turn IDE to SATA too.

My 15 year old PC with motherboard K8 Upgrade VM800 did not see my secondhand SSD-disk SATA3 in BIOS.

I found out that it was caused by my motherboard that only worked at SATA1-2 speed.

SSD-disks can sometimes be adjusted to lower SATA-speed by a pin on the SSD-disk but not mine.

I bought a SATA to IDE-adaptor för 8 USD and then the SSD-disk was detected by BIOS and I could install Linux Mint.

Note: Check on the adaptor for the place for the SATA-contact for SATA to IDE (if you put the SATA.cable in wrong place the PC will not boot) and also attach power via a floppy contact to the adaptor (white contact to the left).

The PC was much faster after this.

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